Provides the best seating feeling through various adjustments
Tilting intensity is adjusted according to the detailed steps for users and multi-Limited tilting, adjustable to provide the best chakseokgam with stalls and lumbar support mechanism. You can also put a reasonable choice that only the desired functionality in a variety of options.
High quality comfortable mesh material
Mesh material refers to a material consisting of dense small hole like a mesh, breathable comfort without good accounting sweat and helps in blood circulation. Mesh-emphasis applied to the chair can be used for a long time and provide a pleasant chakseokgam like the unique breathable mesh, good durability.
The back of the S-curve design
The concave shape of the seat plate frame is designed so try applying while the slim seat and fluffy. In addition, the backing of a mesh material can be flexibly tailored to the body to feel comfort and lumbar support of a simple shape makes it comfortable to support such a design consideration for receiving the back pressure.


Serve only the necessary features to consider a wide range of users and the environment is very slimline design. The slim shape and soft color compliments a variety of interior and harmonization of such office or den.


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