The MEGAPLAN panel system is easy and safe to install, and its unrestricted wiring and structural durability provide a clean, professional look. This outstanding design includes an assortment of accessories that enhances efficiency and increases storage space.

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Cam connector
Cam connectors, together with connecting guides and protrusions on the leg sensure perfect alignment.
Easy assembly
The patented Cam connector ensures easy assembly with only simple tools like a screwdriver, and therefore drastically reduces the installation time and manpower.
Panels are designed with an optimal width of 66mm for structural integrity and generous wire space.
Guides on top of the frames facilitate an easy and safe assembly and perfect alignment.
ABS fin ished cap
Powder-coated aluminum panel tops and sides together with ABS finished caps demonstrate a corner to corner attention to detail.
Easy leveling
Leg protrusions simplify vertical alignment for easy leveling.
Smart belt tile
Spring-hinges specially designed for MEGAPLAN. Open tile covers at 120 degrees for better view of wire conduits and allow two-hand work during wire installations.
Magnetic catcher
Magnetic catchers hold the tiles tight to frame and maximizes convenience during assembly.
Glass panel
Without any division on the panel, this glass panel can be used effectively in conference and seminar rooms.
Wire management
Optimally designed with high strength plastics, panel legs provide ample space for thick power cables and allow secure horizontal wiring through guides and ducts.
Power receptacle
Power receptacles are mounted internally on the frames or externally on the belt tile. Each external receptacle holder in accompanied by a modular outlet for communication and data lines
Counter top
Installed in various modules, counter tops are fixed to panels with hidden brackets for better usage of space under.
Artificial marble top
Besides standard laminated counter tops, joint-free artificial marble tops are also available.
Safety pin
Specially designed safety pins are attached on the brackets to prevent counter tops separation.
Fluorescent lights attached with magnets under overhead storage cabinets or shelves improve work concentration.
Tower storage
This item is distinguished from other hanging shelves that could only be used on the high partition.