The MULTIPLAN panel system is simple and economic, and it offers all the basic features and functions of a partition – workspace division, user privacy, durability, and configuration flexibility.

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Slim 60mm thick Panel
60mm thick MULTIPLAN Panel System has been built with the minimum width to house the power strip, which explains its slim design and at the same time confirms structural stability.
Exterior horizontal / vertical duct
Exterior horizontal / vertical duct provides electric wires to be hidden from exposure and helps to bring out a clean and safe working environment.
End finish
To bring out an attractive finish the corner of the end finish has been smoothly rounded to give completeness of the design.
Gas Cylinder type-hanging shelf
Door of the hanging shelf is functioned smoothly by the gas cylinder process and is able to stay open on its own strength to add convenience to the customers.
Accessory Panel
Accessory Panel holds numerous types of accessories and is magnet attachable to add usefulness during business operations.
Prudent finish-Safety Pin
Hanging top fixed bracket has attached safety pin which prevents Hanging top to secede.