Compact-type CEO series SETINA provides a simple design to create a more open space.
SETINA is perfect for those who consider practical value over authority and choose to be different in style.

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Stand-alone type
The stand-alone type desk is perfect for those who need to move around or desire open communication.
Overhead storage
The overhead storage desk unit is perfect for those who want to maximize space efficiency and focus on their work.
4-legged desk
4-legged desk creates a lighter, more open atmosphere. Simple design with metallic colors provides a modern look.
Dual surface desk
Dual surface desk corners are rounded for safety and finished in Matt-Open pore type to provide the finest wooden texture.
Top part of desk surfaces comes installed with a multi-tab for cables, phone, computer. It provides tidy cable management and a bumper allows the power duct cover to open/close noiselessly.
Motion sensor lighting
Bottom of wall unit comes with motion sensor lighting. It creates a relaxing atmosphere and provides additional lighting when using storage units or connecting work surface.
Pen tray
Pen tray attached on bottom of desk surface to provide convenient storage for stationery, personal belongings.
Elegant combination of wood and champagne gold colors as well as a metallic circular handle creates a simple yet stylish look.