VIM components include tables, podia, wagons and boards. Easily stored and moved, these components can be arranged to suit any communication venue. Experience VIM, designed for effective communication exchanges and efficient space utilization.

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Connected to the post are two legs that spread apart in a V shape to prop up the tables when stacked upright. Thus, the table design is functionally efficient as well as simple and aesthetically appealing.
Gas spring
Tug lightly on the lock handle and the gas spring will gently lift the tabletop.
Table connecting
A connecting device on the underside of the tabletop will secure adjoining tables.
The casters are a blend of tenacious nylon and smooth urethane to provide the best of both worlds.
Modesty panel
The modesty panel is made of highgrade ABS, lightening the table and offering an un-restrained feel.
The classy podium along with the mobile wagon for holding various training aids will boost munication effectiveness. The podium is mounted on casters for better mobility, and supports are attached to the base to keep the podium from moving while in use.
All boards are magnetized and can be used to post various items during meet ings or presentations.
Board connecting
Special connectors are used to link the boards on either side.
The triple-shelf wagon is a handy way to organize and move various training aids such as a projector.
Acrylic modesty panel
The acrylic modesty panel on the podium front is curved for a softer, more elegant look.


  • ’07 Japan Good Design Award
  • ’06 Korea Industrial Design Award
  • ’07 Australian Design Award
  • ’06 Ergonomic Design Award
  • ’06 Design For Asia Award