FURSYS Next Generation (FX-I) office series is based on minimalist design concepts. It is a complete customizable workstation with
everything from desk surfaces, panels and storage units to accessories that provides style, space and work efficiency.
FX-I series allows you to create a simply smart work environment that will not only inspire and motivate success, but also satisfy your personal and professional needs.
Doing your job just got easier and more enjoyable.

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Hanging shelf
Attachable open shelf can be hung from any panel. Store frequently used books and files for easy access.
Hanging cabinet
Attachable cabinet can be hung from any panel. A curved door design creates a smooth look and hides away your books and files.
Convenient external extension cord
If the power plug requires frequent detachment, external extension cord should be used. When the external type wall socket is selected, modular plate accommodating data line is provided as well.
Translucent top screen
Translucent top screen provides coverage without restricting communication flow or range of vision. A seamless bracket design provides an elegant look.
Assortment of colored fabric panels
Choose from a range of color fabric panels to transform your office into a fun and vibrant or a relaxed and soothing place to work.
Countertop may be attached to the top of a panel to be used as a reception desk.
Slim frames with a smooth finish
End cover over strong, slim steel-frame edges provides a stylish look that is slick and smooth.
Supportive desk legs
Supportive desk legs provide strong support for hanging desktops. For cost-effectiveness, one supportive leg can support two connected desktops at once.
Stackable frame
Supportive desk legs provide strong support for hanging desktops. For cost-effectiveness, one supportive leg can support two connected desktops at once.
Vertical & horizontal cable holders
Cable ducts and holders built inside of panels allow for tidy, convenient cable management.
Hidden space for cable management
Bottom tile of panel has built-in space to conceal cables. Cables can be attached easily to the inside caps for neat cable storage.
Smart belt tile
Open tile covers at 120 degrees for better view of wire conduits and allow twohand work during wire installations.
Bottom tile and panel with a smooth fit
Bottom tile and panel fit together smoothly, with minimal visibility of joints
Translucent stackable panel
Place a translucent stackable panel on top of general panels to add coverage without obstructing the view.
Screen shields both top and bottom of desk
The desk screen provides privacy on the top and bottom of the desk surface. The slim design, with fabric finish, creates an attractive appeal. The magnetic screens allow for posting of memos and photos.
Top storage units in a variety of colored panels
The magnetic top storage units serve a double function as storage and space divider. Units are available in an assortment of color fabric panels.
External cable toolkit
Power strip includes power sockets and internet port for efficient management of electrical and LAN cables.
Sensual design (Manager Unit)
Front modesty panel shares same color with the desktop and helps to bring out sophisticated and stylish design.
Desk top wire cover (Manager Unit)
Wire cover located on both sides of the desk top helps to organize complicated wires and blends in style with the silver-colored table legs.
Push-open cable duct cap
Cable duct fits both cables and plugs. Attached push-open type cap allows for tidy and convenient cable management.
Cable net & transparent cable clips
Attached to the lower surface of the desktop, cable net is made from flexible material for maximum cable storage. Transparent cable clips are attached to the desk legs.
Choice of colors for desk surface and desk modesty
Desk surface and desk modesty panels are available in solid white (WW) and two wood-grain (UA, SWM) finishes. Solid white desk surface has a silver-lined edge for a sophisticated look.
Handless door
Handless storage units without protruding handles create a seamless look. Horizontal lines on doors and drawers provide additional style.
Additional Seating
Seating pad can be added to a side storage unit to act as a seat, useful when additional seating is needed. Open seating promotes communication and interaction.
Slim leg design
Slim, silver legs provide a tasteful modern look. Corners are designed to create a stylish appearance.
Multiple Lock System
Key locks now feature an open/lock status display. For additional convenience and security, key locks may be replaced with Easy Lock System (ELS). ELS is available in either fingerprint or number-combination lock with LED lighting.
Tall storage units for maximum space
Choose from three separate tall units – wardrobe, 3-level or multi cabinet. Maximize space efficiency by adding accessories, such as mirrors, boxes and nets.
Easy-to-use PC cabinet
CPU holder is attached to the inside of PC cabinet door for quick access and ease of computer usage. Open ventilation and cable ducts allow for proper storage.


  • ’10 Good Design Awards
  • ’11 PIN-UP Design Awards
  • Greenguard Environmental Institute