Excellent quality mesh
It is made of Hytrel mesh from Dupont the world s leading textile company and has excellent elasticity. Hytrel is a thermoplastic resin with high-performance elastic body and flexible plastic properties and is used to make parts that are flexible yet require mechanical strength and durability. So even if you use the chair for a long time you can always maintain the same seating feeling as the first time without sagging.
Create a lively space with a white shell
The white-tone chair makes the space lively and can be used as an interior point. In addition, for those who are sensitive to contamination, the aluminum legs are finished with white paint to minimize the degree of contamination in the office.
Provides the best seating comfort through various
It provides the best seating comfort with the tilting strength, multi-limit tilting, adjustable seat plate and lumbar support mechanism, which are adjusted to the user in fine steps.
Collaboration with ITO Design
Born in collaboration with ITO Design a famous German design company the ZIEL series is inspired by authentic German luxury sedans and boasts a refined and neat line.
Make smart life easier
The ZIEL series supports leaders who actively use the latest devices to enjoy a smart life in comfort. The double-structured memory foam seat plate makes you feel comfortable even over long seating hours, and the armrests connected to the backrest support your arms comfortably in various postures.
Perfect fit for my body
If you sit on a chair and lean back, the gap between the back of the chair and the body opens more than 16mm. However, in the case of ZIEL, the distance is minimized to 3.2mm, so you can feel the use of the back as if it is sticking to your body even in free movement. The back should fit well to maintain a comfortable and correct posture.
Optimal comfort obtained through 6 years of research
It provides the optimal comfort to the user by following the user s movement almost identically and supporting the body precisely.


ZIEL is a chair that combines the ultimate comfort and technology, proven through 6 years of research at FURSYS, that allows you to feel the feeling that the back of chair is sticking to your body even when you move freely.


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