Hanging drawer option
Additional storage space can be secured by installing an additional hanging drawer on the top panel.(Attachable to motion desk 1600~1800)
Screen with magnet
The fabric screen creates a comfortable atmosphere with sensational colors as well as eye protection.
Vertical cable duct
It neatly hides the cables coming up from the floor.
Double-sided opening duct cover
With a cover that opens regardless of orientation, both outlet use and cable connection are possible.
Built-in power strip
You can quickly and easily connect power to electronic devices and keep your workspace tidy *Lanport specification CAT6, 5 ports front, 1 port side
Easy taps and switches for easy operatio
The current height is displayed on the LED display window, and the desk height can be adjusted with a simple operation. a. Easy Tap b. switch
Soft material arm pad
Obstacle collision sensor
To prevent safety accidents, we applied the first collision avoidance system (PIEZO), which automatically stops when the top plate hits an obstacle during height adjustment.


Motion Desk, which freely adjusts the desk height (670~1170mm);
according to the individuals body shape and work type, improves work;
efficiency and raises the employees health index.


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