Only the strictly selected accessories have been used such as coat hangers, mirror and necktie hanger for elegant and functional design.
Wall unit
Combining horizontal and vertical cabinets and credenzas together, the wall unit is both functional and attractive. An illumination light with sensored on-off switch is attached on the wall unit.
45 degree
The top and sides are joined at a 45 degree angle to emphasize design.
Hanging cabinet
The glass-door hanging cabinet on the upper part of the wall unit can be easily accessed (gas strut assisted). The open shelving below is practical with adjustable shelves.
Micro fiber leather
A micro-fiber leather inset is fitted into the desktop.
Side cabinet
The side cabinet consists of doors and drawers. When it used as a side desk, the work area may be extended.
Wire management
Especially the horizontal & vertical wire duct covers enhance the convenience of wire management.
Modesty panel & side panel
The modesty panel and solid looking side panels employing horizontal lines produce a quality premium look.


As part of our Premier Class executive furniture line, the CEOS series is made with the finest quality of natural veneers and its highly sophisticated designs are the result of FURSYS’advanced technologies and extensive know-how. Let CEOS accent your leadership and executive authority with style and dignity.

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