The base has two material types, plastic and the; aluminum polished with powder coating.
Adjustable Armrests
The armrests has two types of the fixed and the adjustable. The optional adjustable armrest supports; your forearms with 3 dimensional adjustments of height, pivot and depth. (2 dimensional of height; and depth available) Its soft polyurethane pad gives another sensitive touch on the chair.
Lumbar Support
The optional lumbar support gives more effective and sophisticated support to your lumbar. By turning each handle for 2 way adjustments of height and depth, you may find its best spot for your lumbar support.
Multi Limited Tilt
More advanced than Tilt angle locker, this 5 step multi limiter helps you control over your maximum levels of Tilt angles depending on your preferred working postures.
Synchronized Tilt
The seat plate and backrest tilt independently in response to natural body movements. The Tilt mechanism allows the most suitable movement for you different postures.
Adjustable Headrest
The headrest minimized pressures on your neck disks with features of height and angle adjustments giving a support to either your neck area or head depending on the angle you set.
Mesh Back
The fabric mesh backrest curbs any direction.; And have perspiration built on your back by; effectively releasing body heat while seated.


The best ergonomics in chair means you are not aware of being seated while on the chair. ;
Chair features making this possible with highly sophisticated adjustability and functionalities should free you of what disrupts your full immersion in the life. ;
Having all of these features along with easy handlings, TN50 series high performances promise “the freedom your whole body enjoys” at the moment of synchronizing yourself with the chair.


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