Stylish color composition
You can choose a color that matches your work style. You can compose a space where you can feel various themes by combining frame color, seat color, and backboard material.
Two types of back design
There are two types of flights: a flexible backrest that supports the back in three dimensions with an ergonomic pattern, and a mesh backrest with good elasticity and breathability.
Climbing to support various postures
The backrest that comes down to the shoulder is designed to comfortably take the desired posture during work and meetings.
Comfort felt at the moment of sitting
“We focused on usability not a complicated function. With the W.A.T [Weight Activated Tilt] system that adjusts the tilting intensity in response to weight anyone can feel comfortable sitting without any manipulation. ※ Weight-sensitive tilt is a patent-pending product based on Persis proprietary technology. Application Number: 10-2012-7029858”
Used in various spaces
The design can be applied to various spaces such as work, collaboration, and meetings. It is highly versatile and provides the best solution for space and people by flexibly responding to various movements.


FLIGHT can deviate from a uniform office and enable differentiated office design to inspire work. Intuitive function and flexible frame structure support correct posture, and it is easy and convenient to use with minimal manipulation.


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