Smart belt tile
Open tile covers at 120 degrees for better view of wire conduits and allow two-hand work during wire installations.
Hidden space for cable management
Bottom tile of panel has built-in space to conceal cables. Cables can be attached easily to the inside caps for neat cable storage
Hanging shelf
Attachable open shelf can be hung from any panel. Store frequently used books and files for easy access
Hanging cabinet
Attachable cabinet can be hung from any panel. A curved door design creates a smooth look and hides away your books and files
Supportive desk legs
Supportive desk legs provide strong support for hanging desktops. For cost-effectiveness, one supportive leg can support two connected desktops at once.
Countertop may be attached to the top of a panel to be used as a reception desk


The FX-I office series is based on minimalist design concepts. It is a complete customizable workstation with everything from desk surfaces, panels and storage units to accessories that provides style, space and work efficiency. FX-I allows you to create a simply smart work environment that will not only inspire and motivate success, but also satisfy your personal and professional needs


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