IT Box
IT box as an interior element divides the space and creates comfortable atmosphere. IT box supports the usage of IT gadget with side light and electronic power(wireless charging, plug ).
Functional storage structure
The opened hole in upper wall unit enables storage of goods simply and conveniently. (The options of 1hole and 2holes are available).
Magnetic Screen Connector
Layout can be simply and quickly changed thanks to the magnetic screen connector.
Various Height of Sofa Backrest
Various options for backrest height of the sofa are available in accordance with the space and purpose.
Hanging Plug
Built-in plug supplies power and functions as armrests.
Movable Stool
Unrevealed castors enables the shift simple and easy.


With a simple design, variety of colors and providing comfortable seating experience, the SQUARE series can be used to create a space according to the user s spatial configuration plans freely.


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