The back of the S-curve design
In order to support the waist ideally from an ergonomic point of view, the backrest design was developed with the motif of the S-Curve shape.
Provides the best seating feeling through various adjustments
It provides the best sitting comfort with the tilting strength, multi-limit tilting, adjustable seat plate and lumbar support mechanism, which are adjusted to the user in fine steps.
Open frame seat plate to reduce body pressure
The seat frame of the CH6100 series is designed in a U-shape so as not to touch the thigh, reducing the pressure on the thigh and distributing the body pressure evenly.
Flexible and robust air skin mesh
FURSYS own research and development of air skin mesh was applied to the back and seat. Air skin mesh is composed of strong elastic yarn using Hytrel® material from DuPont the world s leading chemical company and has excellent elasticity and elasticity. In addition soft microfiber and tough nylon yarns are organized together for a longer feel of comfort.


The air mesh applied to the back and seat is breathable, allowing you to feel comfortable for a long time. The curved back of the S line effectively supports the lumbar spine and makes the space stand out with its excellent design.


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