Elegant design
Round edges and seamless design create sophisticated office atmosphere
Slim thickness
Slim thickness Can be easily moved to a desired location due to slim thickness (32 mm).
Comfortable color
Consisting of soft and comfortable colors, creating an office with warm atmosphere.
Accessories attachment
Accessories can be mounted using pencil holder, pen tray, and more.
Simple assembly
Panels can be easily assembled, moved and re-installed thanks to the simple pinning mechanism of 2 brackets fixing the panel .
Desk bracket / Support
Bracket and support that fix a desk. Panel can be used; Independently with these.
Various layouts
L, T, X, V, Y-type connectors, giving various options; to choose according to office spaces.


The enLite series puts emphasis on simple design expression. Space can be utilized in a more practical sense with reduced volume of lightweight panel. Sharp and light panels are used to create various sizes of work spaces. Installation and transportation are easy due to simple tightening structure


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