This chair is not for those who simply seek fame or reputation. MARCUS is Fursys’ finest executive chair, recommended for those who possess an unspoken elegance and are respected according to the level of their success. Meet this incomparable, top-of-the-grade chair which is made with the finest natural leather and has a lumber support mechanism built into its frame.

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Auto return center pole
The auto-return center pole chair is perfect for an executive office or conference space. This high-tech mechanism ensures that the rotation as well as height returns to its original position, to always maintain a neat and elegant space. During work or meetings, the chair height can be adjusted according to the sitter’s height and the body can be rotated freely. When the sitter rises, the chair returns to its usual height and position.
Finest natural leather finish
MARCUS comes with the finest natural leather finish. Its distinguished exterior and touch enhances the chair’s elegance and value.
Lumber support
The lumber support installed into the backrest allows the user to adjust height and rear/front according to their physique. The armrests on the left and right allow easy adjustment.
The headrest has been designed to ensure user health. The adjustable angle allows the cervical spine to maintain a C-shape and provides the head with comfortable support.
Synchronized tilt
Premium synchronized tilt provides support that is smoother than the movements of the human body. It provides an ergonomic, comfortable seated posture to protect the user’s back.