Polyurethane casters
Polyurethane for casters minimizes noises and scratches on the hard floor during the movement.
Height adjustable pneumatic cylinder
Using the right lever under the seat and your weight load, you may adjust the seat height to an appropriate level depending on your physique.
5-step tilt limiter to control angles of tilting
More advanced than tilting angle locker, this 5 step multi limiter helps you control over your maximum levels of tilting angles depending on your preferred working postures.
Tilting tension adjustment
Depending on your body weight and preference, you may easily adjust the tension of your tilting movement by turning the lever clock/counter-clockwise under the seat to an appropriate level.
Advanced 3-pivotal synchronized tilting
T50 adopts the most advanced 3-pivotal down synchronized as its key ergonomic feature. Respective movements on the seating and the backrest follow and support your body sitting in motion.
Fixed armrest
Lumbar-supporting S-line
The beautifully-shaped created with a design motive from the human spine contributes to ergonomic comfort and stability in your back. The belly part of the S optimally minimizes pressures on the spine disks


The best ergonomics in chair means you are not aware of being seated while on the chair. Chair features making this possible with highly sophisticated adjustability and functionalities should free you of what disrupts your full immersion in the life. Having all of these features along with easy handlings, T50 series’ high performances promise “the freedom your whole body enjoys” at the moment of synchronizing yourself with the chair.

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