Side Unit
Side unit expands working and storage space to maximize the space utilization. There are three types of side units, including side desk and side cabinet (open cabinet / door cabinet) to choose from.
Screen and Memo board
Screen has been installed on the surface of the desk to block sights and help one to focus and concentrate solely on his/her work. Also, the memo board which is used to hang on the screen can be used with the magnet to attach memo or pictures and the likes.
Vertical Access Duct
The electric wire duct located on the side of the desk is utilized as a space to vertically dispatch wires coming out from the bottom of the office, and are connected horizontally with the electric wire clip attached on the lower part of the desk.
Extension Unit
By connecting the extension unit to the desk to provide more working space,; maximum usage of office space could be established with the minimum cost.
Drawer knobs
Zinc chromium plated drawer knobs are simple and slim in design and establishes sophisticated look.
Cable access cover
Quick and easy cable access cover is applied to freely connect with various types of machinery and also provides sleek arrangement of electric wires.
Desktop and Edge
Desktop colors range from solid white WW to wood grain UA and LT colors. ; If WW color tops are chosen, silver line edges are applied to bring out distinctive look.;


The SUPERTECH series is a versatile office furniture made of composite materials. This series provides style, durability and space efficiency. Workstations can be easily and freely configured. Create the look and feel of your work environment by choosing one of the three basic color combinations, from bright to subdued gray tones, in tandem with natural wood grain patterns.

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