Modesty panel
A sufficient length of facing plate can protect your privacy.
700mm deep top plate
A slim desk with a depth of 700mm allows efficient space usage.
Vertical duct and wiring cap
The wire is connected from the floor to the desk top so that it can be easily
Vertical / horizontal duct
Wires can be connected by coming up through the vertical ducts to the horizontal ducts on the screening boards, so users can organize your power outlet and wires neatly
Lower hanging shelf
You can attach a shelf to the bottom to organize your personal books and belongings.
Overhead, Side Cabinet
It is possible to store various documents and personal common items with the overhead and side cabinet.
Various expansion units
Various side units connected to the desk can expand the work surface or be used as a simple meeting space.


DELIGHT series proposes an office that is perfect and reasonable for customer needs. The series, with its sophisticated color and various configurations, helps you to organize your office efficiently


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