The wardrobe closet is designed for practicality and convenience.; It includes a large door mirror, a drawer for shoes, and racks for hanging clothing, ties and belts.
Handless glass door
To maintain design simplicity, the glass doors lightly push open and closed without obtrusive handles.
Refined glass door
The brushed aluminum glass door frames contrast with the natural wood cabinet and doors for a more refined look.
Corner shelf
To soften the angularity of the cabinet end, a functional 90-degree curved corner shelf has been added.
Magnetic board
Under the overhead cabinet is a unique covered magnetic board for posting memos or photographs.
Overhead storage
Overhead storage cabinets have glass doors to lighten up the appearance above desk level. ; Gas cylinders make for easy and quiet opening and closing.
Integrated lamp
Integrated lamps create dramatic effects, and brighten the work area under the cabinet. ; Touch-sensor switches make it simple to turn each lamp on or off.
Storage space
A four / five-shelf cabinet and closet are connected to the side of the overhead cabinet to expand storage space.
The Pedestal drawers are equipped with damping under the hidden rails to prevent noise or impact when closing.
Wire management
The main work surface can easily slide open to access the wire management ducting underneath
Micro-fiber leather
The main work surface is covered with top-quality micro-fiber leather for outstanding durability and touch.
Desktop edge
The inward-tapered desktop edges have been smoothly rounded and lacquered to create a hand-finished appearance.
Storage cabinet
Desk type 1, configured in an ‘L’, or desk type 2 in either an ‘L’ or ‘U’, provides lots of storage space below the surface of the return. This storage cabinet is slightly recessed to keep the work surface unobstructed.
Modesty panel
The modesty panel has two choices either wood or opaque painted glass.
Aluminum frame for side panel
Each side panel is surrounded by a contrasting brushed-aluminum frame that is both crisp and striking.
The one-piece desktop & the unique asymmetric shape provide an expansive surface.


Todays leaders are typically specialists who emphasize systematic and practical approaches while eschewing authoritarianism and excessive formality. They are both exceptionally talented and willing to share. The TIERRA series is designed for such people. Efficiency and refinement come together naturally to convey great confidence and sophistication.

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