End modesty panel
The end modesty panel ensures personal privacy when the conference modules are configured in a Open-ended layout.
Fabric modesty panel
The unconventional fabric modesty panels are available in an assortment of colors, and the corners have been rounded off for an enhanced appearance. The fabric is easily removed for cleaning or replacement.
Vertical & Horizontal duct
The ducts are a neat and easy way to connect and layout the necessary wiring to support your conference activities.
Power strip
Each unit consists of two sockets and two LAN ports. A clamp facilitates installation and removal for maximum user convenience.
Mobile storage
The drawer chest, projector wagon, and catering wagon all come with handles and casters for easy mobility. The handles feature an aluminum finish and the perpendicular frame is neatly assembled with no bolts visible.
TDC configuration
Fursys’ unique TDC(three dimensional cell) configuration tightly joins the tabletop with the upper end of the frame.
Sharing one leg
One leg covers two tabletop units for a simple design that eliminates overlaps for greater efficiency and economy.
Freestanding module
The freestanding modules allow free use of the inside space when the modules are configured in a enclosed layout.
Vertical pipe & base
The gently curved vertical pipes and slim base connect naturally at an oblique angle to project a cubic, modern feel.
Oval-shaped top
The oval-shaped layout and tabletop is aesthetically pleasing and naturally focuses participants’ attention during discussions, for enhanced communication.


The FRX series blends straight and curved lines in a minimalist style. The combination type (Curved configuration) allows you to configure your layout freely with a variety of tabletop options. The FRX conference system provides you with exceptional flexibility.

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