Motion Desk – Lower cover
Lower side can be organized in a tidy manner with adjustable height mechanism and wires storage
Motion Desk – Intuitive switch
A switch that marks height and stores the configured height
Motion Desk – installation of hanging desk
Spacious storage space is secured with installation of hanging drawer on the surface (can be attached to motion desk 1600~1800)
Motion Desk – Range of height control
Adjusts to between 650 mm and 1170 mm with an electric-powered height control mechanism in accordance with body types and working styles of the user
Motion Desk – Safety function
Anti-collision system stops automatically when it encounters an obstacle while adjusting height
Lower – PC storage space
Large items such as mainframe computers and bags can fit in the lower storage space that is openly zoned
Equipped with storage structure that can organize clothes in a tidy manner. Mirror and accessories net can be attached inside
Comforting fabric color
Natural color fabric creates a comfortable atmosphere for offices
Urethane arm pads
Soft urethane material is applied to arm-rests in order to reduce fatigue from long hours of work
Convenient vertical wiring
Various wiring solutions that help organize cables in a vertical direction
Leg design
Creates a chic office space with diagonal legs for regular desks and slim base of motion desks
Duct cover with dual side open/close
A cover that opens regardless of direction, enabling the use of electrical outlet and cable connection with ease
Built-in multiple tap (Duct type desk)
Built-in multiple tap is located in the wiring tray of the surface, enabling easy connection to power from the desk


In this new era, an office that can be transformed freely for growth and that supports horizontal communication is necessary.
enAble Series is designed to provide ergonomic design, convenient systems and unrestricted layout, representing a new office that increases work efficiency.


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