Screen Layout
“? When wrapping a sofa with a screen Only one connector specification is used, and it is placed on the back of a sofa, etc. (900 width). Otherwise, the specifications with the connector are appropriate for the horizontal size. ? If the sofa is not wrapped with a screen -Only one connector specification is used and placed at the start or end.”
Composition of cafeteria
The cafeteria and lounge can be configured for a simple meeting or layout. When placed in combination with a backrest sofa and various single sofas and tables, you can create a more effective and comfortable atmosphere.
Intensive work space / private space
“Planning a separate intensive work space in an open office with no distinction between individual seats protects privacy and compensates for shortcomings such as ambient noise issues. Placing a high screen on a single sofa creates a space where you can focus without a compartment, and a table and lighting together create a comfortable work space.”
Creative collaboration space
“The high back sofa naturally divides the space and blocks the gaze, helping to focus on individual work and meetings. The light colored stools are placed together to create a lively space that anyone can freely utilize from a short break to a business meeting.”
Various configurations
Squares with various items such as counter tops, connecting tables, sofas, and multi-taps can be freely selected and combined according to the size and purpose of the space.
Effective space organization
Depending on how the units are arranged, it can be configured as a flexible collaboration space focused on communication or as a working amenity space for smooth brainstorming.


With its simple design various colors and comfortable seating SQUARE series can freely create multiple spaces according to the user s space configuration plan.


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