Adjustable Tilt Tension
A multitask lever is located on the side of the support under the seat pan. It can be pulled outward and then rotated to adjust the degree of tilt tension. The same lever is used to adjust seat height, resulting in greater convenience and a sleeker design.
Multi-Limited Tilting Mechanism
The backrest tilt angle changes according to user posture and work task. The range of that tilt can be adjusted.
Synchronized Tilting
The seat plate and backrest tilt independently in response to natural body movements. The T51 Series tilt adjustment levers are neat and efficient, furthering the simplicity of overall style.
Polyurethane Casters
The polyurethane-based casters reduce the chair noise while rotating or moving, and minimize the floor scratches.
Height Adjustable Pneumatic Cylinder
Using the right lever under the seat and your weight load, you may adjust the seat height to an appropriate level depending on your physique.
Seat Slope Adjustment
The paddle on the side under the seat pan will easily adjust the seat angle. Work tasks such as keyboarding require the upper body to lean forward. In this case, elevate the rear of the seat pan to slope the seat forward, achieving a more comfortable pelvic angle and relieving pressure on the femoral region.
Seat Slide Adjustment
Unlock the seat position by extending the paddle on the side of the under-seat brace. Then grasp the seat pan, sliding it forward or backward effortlessly to achieve the proper seat depth for each user. This feature assists the user in maintaining a correct and comfortable seated posture.


Rectangular frame supports backrest is as simple as body curve. All the adjustable devices with various function is applied with essential in mind. T51 series move with your body with human understanding functions and design giving you double pleasure.


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