With its modern, square-type dual structure, edge details; MONARCH series combines
elegant wood with champagne gold color to perfect your space in elegant style.

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Top & side surface
Wood and aluminum meet in a dual structured, minimalistic square-type desk. Top and side surfaces meet at 45˚ to create an elegant yet modern design.
Front of desk
Front of desk comes attached with a fine wood front panel that has horizontal lines on it. It creates a distinguished, elegant business space.
Flexy key
Unlike regular keys, Flexy key can be folded at 90˚ while inserted. It provides safety as key does not get caught on clothes or protrude.
work surface
Major work surface of desk is finished in premium, latest technology microfiber leather to provide an elegant look and smooth touch. Sliding-type cable duct allows easy access to cables.
PC cabinet
PC cabinet for installation below desk increases the efficiency of your workspace, while blocking out noise and heat.
Cable cap
Connected cables can by organized neatly through the frontal cable cap.
Frosted glass
Frosted glass allows you to see stored contents. The combination of gold frame and frosted glass creates a smooth look.
Frequently used goods, ornaments can be stored on open type shelves. Shelves are composed of a connecting side panel and portable support shelf to create an eye-pleasing space within a space.