Puzzle Plus



Desk hanging shelf
Desk hanging shelf
Desk screen
Desk screen
Tall unit
When grouped in cluster of two or four, tall units provide worktops for standing meeting or surfaces for communal OA equipment.
Used as a divider between workstations, C-type provides wardrobes and vertical storage spaces for two persons.
Various cabinets
Various types of personal cabinets, connectors and extensions help to broaden the workplace and make layouts more efficient.
Easy leveling
Corner adjustment up to 20mm allows for easy leveling on uneven floors.
Top finish for pedestal
Matching top extends the desk work surface and is also compatible with partition module.
Maximize work surface
Placed in the opposite side of L-desk to maximize work surface, these compact drawers offer similar capacity and usage as the standard depth drawers.
ABS cover
Detachable ABS covers on the legs provide ample space for vertical connections, and cables from the floors are directly linked to OA equipment through cutout corners.
Horizontal duct
Cables coming from the legs are connected to the horizontal ducts, which is protected by covers for safety.
Vertical duct
The upper cap of vertical duct moves up and down for desk connections.


The PUZZLE PLUS office desk connects to a tall unit, which serves as both the pedestal and cabinet, providing greater legroom underneath the desk. The desktop is ergonomically designed to accommodate a user’s body movement. The desktop and tall units attach easily and freely in a wide variety of configurations.

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