The VITRIS series offers rs value beyond being the best. lts unique style blends new structural approaches with diverse materials to present an aesthetic distinction.VITRIS gives special satisfaction to the executive with a global perspective and an eye for the future.

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Various materials
The harmonious combination of various materials such as veneer, aluminum and glass create very modern and flexible environment.
New structure
The new structure that the drawer is hung on the aluminum frame emphasizes the line and elegant on figure of the product.
Wire duct
The additional unit for storage and wire management is located on the front side of the desk for user’s convenience
Modesty panel
The modesty panel, which is attached on the round metal spacer by UV attaching method, provides the neat finish of the product.
Users can experience the feel natural wood grain material by its special Open-pore coating on the natural veneer.
Side desk
When extended with the main desk, the side desk of this series can have even more space for work Also the screen attached to the desk provides more privacy for the individual users.